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Miller’s Blog

Miller’s Blog

Coming to you is a web-site that advertise for local business, allowing them to compete with other business and companies. The web-site is called To visit the site you have to type in does advertising for furniture stores, carpet stores, real estate/insurance, beauty supply/beauty salons, barbershops, nail salons accessories/gift shops, jewelry, lawyers, clothing, electronics, shoe/sneakers, and restaurants and professional services.


The Miller’s created this web-site to bring power back to the consumer and boost sales for local business. have two set prices:


● One for contact

● One for contact plus sales and specials


The Miler’s came up with this suggestion system so the owners can hold the employees accountable for its actions and the consumer can give suggestions on products plus services.


Leighton, Eric, Alvin, Garfield and Mike cares about your business, to come up with the Miller’s List to ensure customer satisfaction. The suggestion system is there so customers can suggest things to boost sales and customer satisfaction. When writing a comment or suggestion please do not use explicit language. Make suggestions to boost sales and customer satisfaction. The Miller’s care about all businesses. The suggestion system is there so customers can add their input to assist local businesses in the improvement of various aspects of the business. On there is a “recent comment” field or box . Type your suggestion will be read by the resolution team to ensure no explicit language. Local businesses use to advertise. The Miller’s care about the consumers use of